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Aveda: when nature becomes ideal source of beauty ...

At Aveda

We give ourselves the task of taking care of the world we live in, from the manufacture of our products, to our way of giving back to society a part of what we have received. We strive to provide an example of leadership and responsibility in the defense of the environment, not only in the world of beauty, but around the world.


Spray-On Shine Aveda brilliant

Spray-On Shine

56 A boost of fog 100 ml
Daily Colour Protect Aveda color conserve

Daily Colour Protect

56 Daily leave-in treatment that imprisons color 100 ml
Balancing Conditioner Aveda scalp benefits

Balancing Conditioner

66 Hydrates the hair and soothes the scalp 200 ml
Brightening Correcting Cream Aveda enbrightenment

Brightening Correcting Cream

81 Intense moisturizer 50 ml
Grooming Cream Aveda Homme pure-formance

Grooming Cream

56 A highly moisturizing cream that defines and provides an intermediate holding 125 ml
Color Conserve Shampoo Aveda color conserve

Color Conserve Shampoo

83 Preserve the burst of color 1000 ml
Purifying Gel Cleanser Aveda botanical kinetics

Purifying Gel Cleanser

81 Gel cleanser for oily skin mixed 500 ml
After Sun Hair Mask Aveda sun care

After Sun Hair Mask

66 Restores and hydrates hair exposed to the sun 125 ml
Thickening Conditioner Aveda invati

Thickening Conditioner

66 Thickener, restores strength and elasticity 40 ml
Restructuring Conditioner Aveda damage remedy

Restructuring Conditioner

66 Help restructure, repair and moisturize damaged hair 200 ml
Body Lotion Aveda stress fix

Body Lotion

66 Relaxing Body Lotion 200 ml
Pure-Formance Shampoo Aveda Homme pure-formance

Pure-Formance Shampoo

83 Softens and soothes the scalp 1000 ml
Camomile Conditioner Aveda colour enhancing

Camomile Conditioner

66 Revives golden highlights and gives the 250 ml
Replenishing Toner Aveda green science

Replenishing Toner

81 Lotion that moisturizes, exfoliates and tones the skin 125 ml
Body Lotion Aveda rosemary mint

Body Lotion

66 Silky and light lotion that moisturizes 200 ml

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Color Conserve Conditioner Aveda color conserve

Color Conserve Conditioner

66 Improves fixation of the color 1000 ml

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Tulasāra™ radiant awakening ritual

Tulasāra™ radiant awakening ritual

Skincare daily ritual inspired by the Ayurveda 30 ml
Tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil

Tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil

Care of brilliance Developer 30 ml
Tulasāra™ Facial Dry Brush

Tulasāra™ Facial Dry Brush

Exfoliating Face Brush
Tulasāra™ Calm concentrate

Tulasāra™ Calm concentrate

Soothing Face 30 ml
Tulasāra™ Bright concentrate

Tulasāra™ Bright concentrate

Care Invigorating Face 30 ml
Tulasāra™ firm concentrate

Tulasāra™ firm concentrate

Visibly lifts, firms and smooths lines 30 ml
Gommage éclat beautifying Aveda

Gommage éclat beautifying

80 440 g
Daily Light Guard Fluide Défense SPF30 Aveda

Daily Light Guard Fluide Défense SPF30

81 Solar fluid defense 30 ml
Huile Aromatique Apaisante Aveda

Huile Aromatique Apaisante

80 Huila soothing for the body, bath and scalp 50 ml
Huile Crème Nettoyante stress fix™ Aveda

Huile Crème Nettoyante stress fix™

80 Gently cleanses and softens the skin 200 ml
Coffret peaceful journey Aveda

Coffret peaceful journey

69 Paisible voyage 3 products
Coffret peaceful days Aveda

Coffret peaceful days

69 3 products
Shampooing Sec shampure™ Aveda refill

Shampooing Sec shampure™

77 Instantly refreshes hair 60 ml
Shampooing Sec shampure™ Aveda

Shampooing Sec shampure™

77 Instantly refreshes hair 60 ml
Masque be curly™ Aveda

Masque be curly™

66 Intensive Conditioner Mask 500 ml