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Aveda skincare : the plant world in the service of the beauty of the face and body

Discover the vitality that lies at the heart of leaves, stems, petals, roots ... At Aveda

The effectiveness of nature combines with science to give birth to a full range of face and body care.


Purifying Gel Cleanser Aveda botanical kinetics

Purifying Gel Cleanser

81 Gel cleanser for oily skin mixed 150 ml
Radiance Fluid Aveda tourmaline

Radiance Fluid

66 Concentrated serum that boosts the radiance of the complexion dull 30 ml
Brightening Correcting Serum Aveda enbrightenment

Brightening Correcting Serum

81 Reduce the appearance of brown spots and depigmentation 30 ml
Body Formula Aveda all-sensitive

Body Formula

66 Body oil fragrance 50 ml
Soaking Salts Aveda stress-fix

Soaking Salts

80 Exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin 454 g
Hand Cream Aveda hand relief

Hand Cream

80 An intense nourishing cream that takes care of hands 125 ml
Face Cream Aveda green science

Face Cream

81 Moisturizer that reduces wrinkles and fine lines 50 ml
Exfoliating Aveda botanical kinetics


81 Non-abrasive exfoliant for all skin types 150 ml
Purifying Cream Cleanser Aveda botanical kinetics

Purifying Cream Cleanser

81 Creamy cleanser for normal to dry skin 150 ml
Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Mask Aveda treatment

Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Mask

66 Refreshing clay mask 125 ml
Radiant Skin Refiner Aveda tourmaline

Radiant Skin Refiner

81 Exfoliating scrub that removes dead cells 100 ml
Hydrating Lotion Aveda botanical kinetics

Hydrating Lotion

81 Moisturizing Lotion for all skin types 150 ml
Brightening Cleanser Aveda enbrightenment

Brightening Cleanser

81 Cleansing based surfactant coconut 125 ml
Brightening Intensive Massage Masque Aveda enbrightenment

Brightening Intensive Massage Masque

81 Intensive Treatment Mask 125 ml
Cuticle Control Gel Aveda cuticle control

Cuticle Control Gel

80 Removes protein binding cuticle 15 ml

Just Arrived

Tulasāra™ radiant awakening ritual

Tulasāra™ radiant awakening ritual

Skincare daily ritual inspired by the Ayurveda 30 ml
Tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil

Tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil

Care of brilliance Developer 30 ml
Tulasāra™ Facial Dry Brush

Tulasāra™ Facial Dry Brush

Exfoliating Face Brush
Tulasāra™ Calm concentrate

Tulasāra™ Calm concentrate

Soothing Face 30 ml
Tulasāra™ Bright concentrate

Tulasāra™ Bright concentrate

Care Invigorating Face 30 ml
Tulasāra™ firm concentrate

Tulasāra™ firm concentrate

Visibly lifts, firms and smooths lines 30 ml
Gommage éclat beautifying Aveda

Gommage éclat beautifying

80 440 g
Daily Light Guard Fluide Défense SPF30 Aveda

Daily Light Guard Fluide Défense SPF30

81 Solar fluid defense 30 ml
Huile Aromatique Apaisante Aveda

Huile Aromatique Apaisante

80 Huila soothing for the body, bath and scalp 50 ml
Huile Crème Nettoyante stress fix™ Aveda

Huile Crème Nettoyante stress fix™

80 Gently cleanses and softens the skin 200 ml
Body Moisturizer Aveda beautifying

Body Moisturizer

66 Moisturizing Body Cream 200 ml
Cream Cleansing Oil Aveda beautifying

Cream Cleansing Oil

80 Cleansing body cream 200 ml
Body Cream Aveda stress-fix

Body Cream

66 Moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin 40 ml
Intensely Moisturizing Sweet Cream Aveda botanical kinetics

Intensely Moisturizing Sweet Cream

66 Deeply hydrates - normal to oily skin 50 ml
Night Renewal Serum Aveda Hand Relief

Night Renewal Serum

80 Evens skin tone, plumps fine lines to combine 30 ml