Salon Kalista
36 rue de la croix blanche, 71400 AUTUN


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  • Exfoliating Cleanser Aveda tourmaline

    Exfoliating Cleanser

    Cleansing, exfoliating removes impurities 150 ml
  • Hydrating Cream Aveda tourmaline

    Hydrating Cream

    Moisturizer for normal to dry skin 50 g
  • Radiance Mask Aveda tourmaline

    Radiance Mask

    Removes dead surface cells 125 ml
  • Radiant Skin Refiner Aveda tourmaline

    Radiant Skin Refiner

    Exfoliating scrub that removes dead cells 100 ml
  • Radiance Fluid Aveda tourmaline

    Radiance Fluid

    Concentrated serum that boosts the radiance of the complexion dull 30 ml
  • Tourmaline Charged Starter Kit Aveda tourmaline

    Tourmaline Charged Starter Kit

    Cleansing, exfoliating removes impurities 4 produits
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6 Item(s)