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Biolage: care for hair inspired by nature

Combining nature and science, Biolage therapies adapt to any type of hair and all the problems for natural hair and full of life.

Biolage leverages the power of plants to nourish hair, restore and enhance their natural beauty.


Color Care Conditioner Biolage ColorLast

Color Care Conditioner

66 Revitalizing for colored hair 250 ml
Anti Drandruff Shampoo Biolage Scalpthérapie

Anti Drandruff Shampoo

83 Purifying Shampoo 250 ml
Cleanreset Normalizing Shampoo Biolage Scalpthérapie

Cleanreset Normalizing Shampoo

83 Shampoo for all hair types 250 ml
Cooling Mint Shampoo Biolage Scalpthérapie

Cooling Mint Shampoo

83 Shampoo purifying and refreshing 250 ml
Anti-Hair Care Leave-In Biolage Scalpthérapie

Anti-Hair Care Leave-In

66 Stimulating Care 10 x 6 ml
ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment Biolage ExquisiteOil

ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment

66 Nourishing and protective oil 92 ml
Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner Biolage Fiberstrong

Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner

66 Après-shampooing renforçateur 200 ml
Biolage Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane Fortifying Cream Biolage Fiberstrong

Biolage Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane Fortifying Cream

66 For fragile hair 200 ml
Biolage Keratindose Conditioner Biolage Keratindose

Biolage Keratindose Conditioner

66 Conditioner pour cheveux sensibilisés 200 ml
ColorLast Masque Biolage ColorLast

ColorLast Masque

66 Mask giving the 150 ml
Color Care Shampoo Biolage ColorLast

Color Care Shampoo

83 For colored hair 250 ml
Oil mist without rinsing Biolage ColorLast

Oil mist without rinsing

66 Spray Conditioner 125 ml
Full-Lift Volumizing COnditioner Biolage VolumeBloom

Full-Lift Volumizing COnditioner

66 Care bringing light volume 200 ml
Disciplining Serum Biolage SmoothProof

Disciplining Serum

66 For unruly hair 89 ml
Hydrating Masque Biolage HydraSource

Hydrating Masque

66 For dry hair 150 ml

Just Arrived

Soin complet FullDensity Biolage BIO.82.020 (CI0-121) / BIO.83.046 (CI0-145)

Soin complet FullDensity

Treatment Stémoxydine Biolage

Treatment Stémoxydine

77 Densifying capillary 42 x 6 ml
Densifying Spray Treatment Biolage

Densifying Spray Treatment

56 For refined hair 125 ml
Revitalizing FullDensity Biolage

Revitalizing FullDensity

77 Refined hair care 200 ml
Shampoo FullDensity Biolage

Shampoo FullDensity

83 Shampoo hair refined 250 ml
Complete Care RepairInside Biolage BIO.82.019 (CB2-197) / BIO.83.044 (CI0-123)

Complete Care RepairInside

Concentrate Hyperdose Biolage

Concentrate Hyperdose

77 Helps strengthen hair 10 x 10 ml
Intra-Control Cream Restorative Biolage

Intra-Control Cream Restorative

56 Protective cream 200 ml
Revitalising Biolage


77 Damaged and brittle hair care 200 ml
Shampoo RepairInside Biolage

Shampoo RepairInside

83 Shampoo for damaged and brittle hair 250 ml
Complete Care Keratindose Biolage BIO.82.017 (CB3-191) / BIO.83.026 (CB2-191) / BIO.83.037 (CB0-192)

Complete Care Keratindose

Complete Care FiberStrong Biolage BIO.82.016 (CB4-194) / BIO.83.029 (CB2-192) / BIO.83.025 (CB3-195)

Complete Care FiberStrong

Complete Care VolumeBloom Biolage BIO.82.015 (CB4-195) / BIO.83.024 (CB3-194)

Complete Care VolumeBloom

Complete Care HydraSource Biolage BIO.82.013 (CB4-192) / BIO.83.023 (CB3-193) / BIO.83.036 (CB0-191)

Complete Care HydraSource

Complete Care Moisturizer Biolage BIO.82.013 (CB4-192) / BIO.83.023 (CB3-193) / BIO.83.032 (CB2-194)

Complete Care Moisturizer