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Phyto: power plant serving your hair

A pioneer of the science of plant, Phyto known today to the ultimate progress of research in the service of your hair.

For over 40 years, Phyto works with scientific communities to develop innovative treatments with scientifically proven results through clinical studies, scientific tests and patents.


Phytoapaisant Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Soothing Shampoo for sensitive scalp and irritated 200 ml
Phytolium Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


66 Fortifying Shampoo, severe and hereditary hair loss 125 ml
Phytoprogenium Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Intelligent Shampoo extreme softness, all hair 200 ml
Phytoneutre Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Detoxifying Shampoo, hair all 125 ml
Phytokératine Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Restorative shampoo for damaged hair brittle 200 ml
Phytolisse Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Silky Shampoo smoothing unruly hair 200 ml
Phytargent Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Shampoo for gray and silver sparkle white hair 200 ml
Phytovolume Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Intense Shampoo volume for fine hair 200 ml
Intense Phytosquam Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos

Intense Phytosquam

83 Intensive dandruff shampoo-care, severe dandruff, itching 100 ml
Phytosquam Moisturizer Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos

Phytosquam Moisturizer

83 Moisturizing Shampoo dandruff, dry hair 200 ml
Phytosquam Purifying Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos

Phytosquam Purifying

83 Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200 ml
Phytocitrus Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Shampoo color brilliance to colored hair and highlighted 200 ml
Phytocyane Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Densifying shampoo treating for female hair loss 200 ml
Phytojoba Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Hydration Shampoo for dry hair shine 200 ml
Phytodensium Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Shampoo Conditioner Anti-Aging Hair devitalized 200 ml

Just Arrived

Coffret Phytokeratine extrême

Coffret Phytokeratine extrême

69 Box 3 Products Phytokératine 2 X 50ml + 30 ml
Phytocolor Phyto The Chestnut


71 Permanent color with plant pigments Cream 40 ml + 60 ml developer
Phytocolor Phyto Les Bruns


71 Permanent color with plant pigments Cream 40 ml + 60 ml developer
Phytocolor Phyto Les Bruns


71 Permanent color with plant pigments Cream 40 ml + 60 ml developer
Phytocedrat Phyto Shampoos and after-shampoos


83 Purifying Shampoo sebum-regulator for oily scalp 200 ml
Phytocurl Phyto Styling


56 Energizing Cream Earrings, every hair 100 ml
Phytopulp Phyto Styling


56 Intense Volume Mousse, all hair 200 ml
Phytofix Phyto Styling


56 Sculpting Gel strong hold, all hair 150 ml
Styling Spray Phyto Styling

Styling Spray

56 Styling Spray, held ultra-high 300 ml
Cream Earrings Phyto Styling

Cream Earrings

56 Cream energizing loops held medium 100 ml
Gloss Cream Phyto Styling

Gloss Cream

56 Cream shine, flexible hold 150 ml
PhytoFix - Sculpting Gel Phyto Styling

PhytoFix - Sculpting Gel

56 Sculpting Gel strong fixation 150 ml
Wet Gel Effect Phyto Styling

Wet Gel Effect

56 Long wet effect, held medium 150 ml
Fibrous pulp Phyto Styling

Fibrous pulp

56 Fibrous elastic dough, provides structure and control 75 ml
Texturizing Paste Phyto Styling

Texturizing Paste

56 Matte Texturizing Paste 75 ml