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Redken Curvaceous: curly hair

Treatments and styling specially formulated to bring out the best of each loop

Curl memory complex: sugar crystals = moisture retention, reactivators loops; Oil Moringa = shine and bounce; Filter = uv protection against color fading
Interlock Protein Network: Rebuilds the protective surface - Discipline gradually - Strengthens the hair fiber
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  • CCC Spray Redken

    CCC Spray

    Spray control against humid climate for all types of loops 150 ml
  • Complete Care Curly Hair Redken RED.82.034 (CC4-133) / RED.83.088 (CC2-144)

    Complete Care Curly Hair

  • Full Swirl Redken

    Full Swirl

    Cream Serum wavy and curly hair 150 ml
  • High-Foam Cleanser Redken

    High-Foam Cleanser

    Light cleansing care for all types of loops 300 ml
  • No Foam Shampoo Redken

    No Foam Shampoo

    Cleansing care very moisturizing 500 ml
  • Complete Care Curvaceous Redken RED.82.035 CC4-132) / RED.83.088 (CC2-144)

    Complete Care Curvaceous

  • Wind Up Redken

    Wind Up

    invigorating and energizing spray for wavy hair 145 ml
  • Conditioner Curvaceous Redken

    Conditioner Curvaceous

    Care with or without rinsing for all types of curls 250 ml
  • Curl Refiner Redken

    Curl Refiner

    Primer moisturizing and definition loops for all types of loops 250 ml
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9 Item(s)