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Osis+ Osis+: Styling.
The OSIS collections, Style, Texture and Finish offer maximum flexibility & creative styling for all individual needs. An assortment of products designed to work together to support and enable you to release your own creativity. The Style, Texture & Finish collections are in the order of the way they are used. Beginning with Style to create a foundation, add in some Texture to personalize, and Finish to set and complete the look.


G.Force Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Extreme Styling Gel long 150 ml
Rock Hard Schwarzkopf Osis+

Rock Hard

56 Professional hair glue, strong fixation
150 ml
Thrill Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Extra elastic fibrous pulp

100 ml
Mess Up Schwarzkopf Osis+

Mess Up

56 Rubber matting, ultra matt finish
100 ml
Dust It Schwarzkopf Osis+

Dust It

56 Mattifying powder texture and separation
10 g
Flexwax Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Ultimate Wax Cream

50 ml
Session Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Spray extreme, ultra strong fixation 300 ml
Glamour Queen Schwarzkopf Osis+

Glamour Queen

56 Spray giving ultra voluminous styles
250 ml
Freeze Pump Schwarzkopf Osis+

Freeze Pump

56 Extra strong hold hair spray
200 ml
Freeze Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Strong hold hair spray

500 ml
Elastic Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Flexible spray for a flexible styling control
300 ml
Sparkler Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Spray Brillantant, bright finish

300 ml
Magic Gloss Schwarzkopf Osis+

Magic Gloss

56 Anti-frizz serum bringing instant shine
50 ml
Grip Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Extra strong foam reinforced styling
200 ml
Upload Schwarzkopf Osis+


56 Cream bringing volume to hair
200 ml

Just Arrived

Lotion Volume Schwarzkopf

Lotion Volume

56 light lotion volumizing 150 ml
Mousse Spray

Mousse Spray

56 Volumizing Mousse roots 200 ml
Freeze Schwarzkopf


56 Hair spray strong fixation 300 ml
Light Glossy Holdspray Schwarzkopf Osis +

Light Glossy Holdspray

56 Flexible Spray for shine finish 200 ml
Blow and Go Smooth Schwarzkopf Osis+

Blow and Go Smooth

56 Brushing Spray Smooth Express 200 ml
Blow & Go Thick Schwarzkopf Osis+

Blow & Go Thick

56 Spray Brushing Express Volume 200 ml
Volume Up Schwarzkopf Texture

Volume Up

56 Spray volume booster 250 ml
Dust It Flex Schwarzkopf Session Label

Dust It Flex

56 Scented mattifying powder 10 g
Silk Shine Cream Schwarzkopf Osis +

Silk Shine Cream

56 Cream silky shine 150 ml
Molding Paste Schwarzkopf Osis +

Molding Paste

56 Shaping Dough 75 ml
Salt Spray Schwarzkopf Osis +

Salt Spray

56 Texturizing Spray 200 ml
Strong Glossy Holdspray Schwarzkopf Osis +

Strong Glossy Holdspray

56 Spray hard to fix all the looks 200 ml
Smooth Polish Elixir Schwarzkopf Osis +

Smooth Polish Elixir

56 Anti-frizz serum 75 ml
Shine Plumping Mousse Schwarzkopf Osis +

Shine Plumping Mousse

56 Light foam, volume effect, brings the body and shine 200 ml
Prime Prep Spray Schwarzkopf Osis +

Prime Prep Spray

56 Spray multi-pads, brings the body and shine 200 ml