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Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy Scalp Therapy
Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. The scalp plays an important role when it comes to healthy hair. It can be the reason for a variety of hair-related issues. Therefore BC Hair + Scalp offers specific solutions for some of the most common problems.
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  • Dandruff Control Shampoo Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

    Dandruff Control Shampoo

    Shampooing antipelliculaire 200 ml
  • Soothing Shampoo Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

    Soothing Shampoo

    Soothing Shampoo sensitive scalp
    200 ml
  • Shampooing Purifiant Schwarzkopf

    Shampooing Purifiant

    Purifying Shampoo for seborrheic hairy leather 1000 ml
  • Purifying Shampoo Schwarzkopf Hair & Scalp Expert

    Purifying Shampoo

    Purifying Shampoo Seborrheic hairy leather 200 ml
  • Anti-Dandruff Fluid Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

    Anti-Dandruff Fluid

    Dandruff fluid, strengthens the action of dandruff shampoo 100 ml
  • Scalp Serum Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

    Scalp Serum

    Serum for unbalanced hairy leather 30 ml
  • Shampooing Apaisant Schwarzkopf

    Shampooing Apaisant

    Shampoo for soothing sensitive scalps 1000 ml
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7 Item(s)