Salon Kalista
36 rue de la croix blanche, 71400 AUTUN


Styling Styling


Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff Tigi Bed Head

Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff

56 Slight smoothing cream that fights frizz and makes color value and shine 50 ml
Control Freak Serum Tigi Bed Head

Control Freak Serum

56 Fight frizz for curly or straight
250 ml
Foxy Curl Contour Cream Tigi Bed Head

Foxy Curl Contour Cream

56 Moisturizing styling cream, creating soft curls frizz 200 ml
Extreme Curl Mousse Tigi Bed Head

Extreme Curl Mousse

56 Styling mousse, define curls, hair rebels 250 ml
Superstar Blowdry Lotion Tigi Bed Head

Superstar Blowdry Lotion

66 Lotion heat activated, brings a great volume and a medium hold 250 ml
Superstar Queen For A Day Tigi Bed Head

Superstar Queen For A Day

56 Volumizing spray for fine hair shiny 300 ml
Ego Boost Tigi Bed Head

Ego Boost

66 Leave-for all hair types
200 ml
After-Party Tigi Bed Head


56 Hair Smoothing Cream, reduces frizz and flyaways 100 ml
Headrush Tigi Bed Head


56 Spray extreme light shine for all hair types 200 ml
Small Talk Tigi Bed Head

Small Talk

56 Thickening Styling Cream, light fixing, protects from heat 200 ml
Hard To Get Tigi Bed Head

Hard To Get

56 Texturizing paste, medium hold farm
42 g
Manipulator Tigi Bed Head


56 Texturizing Creme with medium hold and malleable 57 ml
Wax Stick Tigi Bed Head

Wax Stick

56 Stick-wax brings texture and definition 75 ml
Hard Head Mohawk Gel Tigi Bed Head

Hard Head Mohawk Gel

56 Extra-strong hold gel 100 ml
Masterpiece Tigi Bed Head


56 Shiny spray medium hold firm for all hair types 300 ml

Just Arrived

Joyride Tigi


56 Baume-powder texturizing 58 ml
Manipulator Matte Tigi Bed Head

Manipulator Matte

56 Wax with powerful matte held 57 g
Blow-Out Tigi Bed Head


56 Brightening Cream golden shine 100 ml
Flexi Head Tigi Bed Head

Flexi Head

56 Strong flexible hold hairspray to 385 ml
Motor Mouth Tigi Bed Head

Motor Mouth

56 Volumizing gloss 240 ml
Oh Bee Hive! Tigi Bed Head

Oh Bee Hive!

83 Dry Shampoo, provides body and volume 238 ml
Up Front Tigi Bed Head

Up Front

56 Rocking gel ointment 95 g
On The Rebound Tigi Bed Head

On The Rebound

56 Définissante cream curls 125 ml
Straighten Out Tigi Bed Head

Straighten Out

56 Crème lissante résistance à l'humidité 120 ml
Totally Baked Tigi Bed Head

Totally Baked

56 Meringue volumizing hair and style préparatrice 240.5 ml
Sugar Shock Tigi Bed Head

Sugar Shock

56 Spray sweet corporisant 150 ml
Sugar Dust Tigi Bed Head

Sugar Dust

56 Root powder 1 g
Hard Head Hairspray Tigi Bed Head

Hard Head Hairspray

56 Spray strong fixation, adds shine
385 ml
Maxxed-Out Hairspray Tigi Bed Head

Maxxed-Out Hairspray

56 Spray-pompe à fixation forte, apporte une ultra-brillance 200 ml
Masterpiece Tigi Bed Head


56 Shiny spray medium hold firm for all hair types 300 ml