Salon Kalista
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Hair Care


Anti-Dandruff Fluid Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

Anti-Dandruff Fluid

66 Dandruff fluid, strengthens the action of dandruff shampoo 100 ml
Scalp Serum Schwarzkopf Scalp Therapy

Scalp Serum

66 Serum for unbalanced hairy leather 30 ml
Health Factor Conditioner Tigi S-factor

Health Factor Conditioner

66 Daily care conditioner for damaged hair
250 ml
Smoothing Conditioner Tigi S-factor

Smoothing Conditioner

66 Daily care moisturizer for hair rebels 200 ml
Diamond Dreams Conditioner Tigi S-factor

Diamond Dreams Conditioner

66 Moisturizing daily, brings shine
250 ml
Serious Conditioner Tigi S-factor

Serious Conditioner

66 moisturizing, reducing split ends
150 ml
Smoothing Lusterizer Tigi S-factor

Smoothing Lusterizer

66 Straightens and discipline 200 ml
Flat Iron Shine Spray Tigi S-factor

Flat Iron Shine Spray

56 Hydrating Spray shine 125 ml
Clean Up Conditioner Tigi B for Men

Clean Up Conditioner

66 Care stimulating for all hair types 200 ml
Charge Up Conditioner Tigi B for Men

Charge Up Conditioner

66 Moisturizing thickener, brings volume 200 ml
Nourishing Conditioner Tigi Catwalk

Nourishing Conditioner

66 Nourishing providing volume and shine 250 ml
Superstar Blowdry Lotion Tigi Bed Head

Superstar Blowdry Lotion

66 Lotion heat activated, brings a great volume and a medium hold 250 ml
Ego Boost Tigi Bed Head

Ego Boost

66 Leave-for all hair types
200 ml
Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner Schwarzkopf Blondme

Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner

66 Spray-balm without rinsing for shine wicks
150 ml
Keratin Restore Blonde Mask Schwarzkopf Blondme

Keratin Restore Blonde Mask

66 Blond hair mask 200 ml

Just Arrived

Elixir Ultime Huile Cheveux Fins Kérastase

Elixir Ultime Huile Cheveux Fins

66 Haze sublimatrice oil volume 100 ml
Concentré Essentiel Kérastase

Concentré Essentiel

66 Infuse the nutrition of hair and intensifies the brightness 50 ml
Essence d'Éclat Kérastase

Essence d'Éclat

66 Biphasic oil nourishes the fiber and controls frizz 100 ml
Soin Fondamental Kérastase

Soin Fondamental

66 Conditioner nutrition infusion 200 ml
nourishing hair oil Weleda

nourishing hair oil

66 Nourishes damaged hair 50 ml vial
invigorating hair lotion Weleda

invigorating hair lotion

66 Slows hair loss, stimulates growth 100 ml vial
hair mask regenerating the Oats Weleda

hair mask regenerating the Oats

66 Strengthens, nourishes and protects 150 ml
Conditioner regenerating the Oats Weleda

Conditioner regenerating the Oats

66 Restores elasticity, strength and gloss Tube 200 ml
Volumizing care Mulato

Volumizing care

66 Strengthens the hair shaft and increases its thickness 150 ml
Purifying care without rinsing State Dandruff Mulato

Purifying care without rinsing State Dandruff

66 Cleanses and instantly soothes the scalp 150 ml
Light Developer Milk Honey Mulato

Light Developer Milk Honey

66 Restores shine and brightness to the hair 200 ml
Balancing care Mulato

Balancing care

66 Roots fat, dry ends 150 ml
Dryer Bi-Phased Oil Mulato

Dryer Bi-Phased Oil

66 Nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber 100 ml
Colored Hair mask or wicks Mulato

Colored Hair mask or wicks

66 Preserves the lasting color intensity or wicks 200 ml
Oil of Avocado and Coconut Mulato

Oil of Avocado and Coconut

66 Dry hair 120 ml