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Secure payment on the secure payment mode offered via E-Transactions (Crédit Agricole) is the secure payment SSL

This payment protocol is standard and recognized worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the internet. It is available on almost all browsers (Firefox, MS Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari, etc ...).


1. After choosing your products, you click one of the available icons (Visa or Master Card). You are automatically connected to the E-transactions payment server (Crédit Agricole).
It asks for your bank details to make an application for authorization with your bank. The data required are:
a. The card number
b. The expiry date
c. And the visual cryptogram (3 last digits of the number on the back of your card)

2. Upon receipt of the authorization response, E-transactions simultaneously address a response to Kalista Haircare server and a receipt on your computer screen.

3. The e-transactions server sends the transaction for bank deposit (debit your bank account and credits the bank account Haircare Kalista).

4. Trade between the E-transactions server and you, through your computer (steps 2 and 3) are encrypted. Only the E-transactions server has knowledge of your credit card number: At no time will your confidential data in transit by our site.